Your home search can be more productive, stress-free, simple and enjoyable. We’re ReDefining the home buying experience.

We provide lighting fast access to homes, provide quick answers to your inquiries and give you information on more than just MLS homes.

We also don’t use salesy, high-pressure tactics and will give you honest, straight forward information.

Not all agents are equal. Learn more about the ReDefined difference below.

1. Responsiveness

Unresponsive real estate agents make buying a home almost impossible and can cost you your dream home. You should not accept, unanswered phone calls, texts, emails and homes tours scheduled in advance. At ReDefined Real Estate, we’re responsive. You’ll receive fast answers to your inquiries, and home tours will be scheduled quickly.

2. Information on More Homes

You will receive information on way more than just MLS Listed homes. We will send you information on: for sale by owner homes, pre-foreclosures, unlisted foreclosures, vacant properties, coming soon homes, rental homes, homes that were on the market and taken off, homes with an out of area owner, and more.

3. We Don’t Sell Homes

We do not sell homes, we educate, advocate for and guide home buyers throughout their entire purchase. We don’t believe in sleazy sales pitches and never use hard sell tactics.

4. Honest, Straight Forward Information

We provide honest opinions and straight forward information. We will even tell you the truth if it costs us a sale. Honesty is morally a must and allows us to create future business from referrals. We conduct current business with future business in mind.

5. A Simplified Process

Buying a home can be complicated, stressful, and frustrating. We simplify it, remove the stress and make it fun. Our knowledge, experience, systems, affiliate relationships, and technology will give you an enjoyable home buying experience.

6. Communication

We will keep you fully informed throughout the home buying experience. We leverage technology to facilitate clear communication, and we never transfer you from department to department for a simple answer. You will know exactly who to talk to if a question or concern arises.

7. No Robo Calling, Robo Texting, and No Voice Activated Phone System

We won’t harass you with robocalls and texts. We find them annoying and salesy. You’ll also never speak to a robot when you call our office. You’ll speak to a real person and get instant assistance.

8. Professional and Fun Climate

We take our business seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. You can expect a professional and fun atmosphere while home shopping.

9. Quicker Decisions

We are a streamlined company capable of making fast decisions. Fast decisions help to make your home buying experience smooth. No unnecessary, company level, bureaucracy to slow down your transaction.

10. Technology

We’re a people-centered company, not a tech company but we leverage the latest technology to make buying a home as effortless as possible.

11. Financing Assistance

We know the best loan programs available and will guide you to the loan that’s right for you. Even if you don’t think you qualify for a loan, we can help.

12. Local

We’re not a big box brand, and we don’t want to be. We’re proud to be locally owned. We don’t treat our clients like numbers; we treat our clients like the individuals they are and with the one on one attention they deserve. We’re licensed, regulated and insured the same as bigger companies. We even do everything they do; we just do it better. Also, every dollar we make stays here, in the St. Louis area.

13. No Long Term Contracts

Our buyers do not sign long-term contracts. In fact, in some situations, we do not require a contract at all.

14. Your Moving Concierge

Think of us as your moving concierge. Whether it’s a moving truck, a restaurant recommendation, detailed area information, anything, we’re here for you. Our ultimate goal is to provide everything you need for the perfect home buying experience.