Selling your home? We offer solutions and options not offered by any other company. Your situation and your home are unique, so we build our home sale services around you. Some situations require, an all-out marketing blitz and other situations don’t. If we save on marketing, you save equity. Doesn’t that only make sense?
Regardless of the plan you choose, you will always receive expert guidance throughout your home sale and an unbelievable value.

Popular Plans:

4.5% Commission – Premium Marketing

Sell fast and maximize profit. Our signature plan maximizes marketing exposure at a commission that’s hard to believe.
Includes: MLS Posting · Internet Advertising · Pre-Launch Marketing · Social Media Advertising · Open Houses · Showing Notification · Showing Feedback · Weekly Progress Reports · Offer Presentation · Monthly Marketing Meetings · Updates and Assistance After Contract · and more.

1% Commission – Budget Marketing

Sometimes an all-out marketing blitz is not the best strategy when selling a home. Our Budget Plan is designed for those situations. We’ll guide you through the entire real estate transaction but limit the marketing to keep the commission low. This plan is the perfect alternative to selling yourself and is an excellent option for people that want to test the market, sell in the future, already have a buyer, or have privacy concerns.

6% Commission – Overkill Marketing

Everything we can think of to market a home, even the marketing tools that rarely work.

Custom Plans are Available: There is nothing we cannot offer, and we would be happy to create a custom marketing plan for your home.

The Best Value, Period

Regardless of the plan you choose, it will be loaded with value. We invite you to compare our marketing plan and services with any other real estate company.  Our mission is to offer you the absolute best value in real estate. If we don’t, we don’t deserve your listing. How do we do this? Keep reading.

Our focus is on people and service, but we leverage technology and custom-built systems to reduce our expenses while also creating an amazing home selling experience for our clients. Lower overhead allows us to offer a tremendous value and to provide the service and marketing you deserve. We’re not a discount company, and it’s not magic. It’s just good business and a win-win for home sellers and us.

We only collect our commission when and if a home closes, so offering an ineffective program would not benefit us. We also don’t hold sellers to long term contracts. If you’re not happy with the service we provide, we’ll release you from the agreement.

Knowledgeable, Experienced, Professional, and Friendly Agents

Our real estate agents are probably not what you think of when you think of real estate agents or salespeople. ReDefined Real Estate agents are simply more knowledgeable, experienced, and professional than the average real estate agent. We focus on solving problems, not sales pitches. You’ll notice the difference in one conversation.

Save Thousands of Dollars by Comparing Us to Others

The idea of interviewing real estate agents is probably not exciting. You’d probably rather live through a St. Louis Summer without air conditioning than interview real estate agents; we get it. The truth, though, choosing a real estate agent is important. The wrong choice can cost you thousands of dollars or worse, your dream move.

Every day we hear from clients that our home seller service saved them thousands of dollars, that we sold a home that didn’t sell with another company or that we put an almost impossible deal together. We’re here to make your dream move happen.
Call us anytime at 314-221-8456 and we will make our interview painless. You may even enjoy the conversation.

One other promise, if you call us about selling your home, we will not drive you crazy with follow-up calls, texts, emails, etc. We’re not into the sleazy, hard sale tactics often associated with salespeople. We’re here to help not harass you for life.

Marketing We Offer:

MLS Posting

Over 88% of home buyers use a real estate agent to shop for a home. When you have your home posted on the Multiple Listing Service, you motivate every area real estate agent to sell your home to the buyers they are working with. There is no better advertising for your home available.

The MLS is an online database of every home listed by area real estate agents. When your home is posted in this database, every local real estate agent is motivated to help you sell your property. Agents search the database for homes that fit the price range and needs of their clients, and if your home matches a buyer’s criteria, they share it with the potential buyer. To motivate area agents to show and sell your home, ReDefined Real Estate offers a finder’s fee, which is deducted from the total commission rate we agree to. We offer a commission rate of, at least, 2.7% to any real estate agent working with a buyer for your home. You can imagine that this is a powerful motivation for a buyer’s agent. The marketing effectiveness of the MLS is almost impossible to overstate.

Real Estate Yard Sign

Simple but effective; a real estate yard sign shows every neighbor, and anyone that drives by that your home is available to purchase.

Professional Home Photos and Video

Pictures are the very first impression a potential buyer has of your home. While quality photos will draw more buyers in, bad pictures will repel them. We have teamed up with Added Exposure Photography to provide professional pictures. Quality photos are guaranteed to give your home more exposure and increase showings. We will take as many quality photos of your home as it takes to represent your home positively.

If a picture is worth a thousand words and video is thousands of pictures, what is a video worth? We use professional video to really showcase your home, including drone video/photography.

Internet Advertising

I cannot tell you how many real estate websites your home will be on because the number keeps growing too fast, but I can guarantee you that you will have a hard time finding a real estate website without your home on it. We post to the four most prominent websites,,,, and as well, as many smaller websites that are less known but very well trafficked. Almost every buyer today starts their home search online, and online shoppers will find your home.

Posting on Other Real Estate Companies Websites

Your home will be advertised on other real estate companies’ websites as well as their agent’s websites. This includes but is not limited to RE/MAX, CBG, Keller Williams, Exit, and Prudential. Real Estate companies and agents are motivated to post your home on their website because they have the potential to draw buyer calls from your home. Posting

Your home will be very visible on our heavily advertised website, and details, pictures, and virtual tours of your home will be featured.

Home Website

We create an individual website for your home. When homebuyers go to this website, they will have instant access to information on your home without the hassle of sifting through any other homes for sale. This gives you a great way to share information about your home with friends, family, etc.

Social Media

We utilize social media to share information about your home with a vast number of people. We also give you the tools to share this information with your friends and family. This is a great way to get the word out about your home.

Pre-Launch Marketing

We have found that advertising a home for sale before entering it into the MLS can build an auction atmosphere around the home. Our Pre-Launch Marketing Program markets your home to prospective home buyers and area agents before it is posted on the MLS, creating a buzz around the home and providing valuable feedback before the days on the market start ticking on the MLS. This is also the perfect program if you need some time to get your home ready to show.

Open Houses

Open houses allow potential buyers the opportunity to view your home without scheduling an appointment. Open houses often attract passive potential home buyers, buyers who would otherwise not see your home in person. We have a very effective way of advertising open houses, which boosts attendance.

Craigslist Advertising

We post a professionally designed property ad on that includes a full description, multiple photos, and a link to our website for more information. is a good website for catching the attention of passive potential buyers who have just started their home search.

Printed Flyers

Our professionally designed flyers can be distributed in several ways and are an effective way to ensure potential home buyers remember a property after a showing. We place the flyers outside and inside the home.

MLS Reverse Prospecting for Buyers

We will search the local MLS for agents who have a client searching for a home like yours and reach out to them with information about your home.

Home Book

We will display all available information on your home as well as important area information in a three-ring binder. This book will stay in your home and can be viewed by potential buyers when your property is shown.

Street Arrows

We will place directional arrows at road intersection leading to your home.

Services Include:

Initial Listing Consultation

Get valuable information before you list your home. Find out how much money you can net after your home is sold and what your property will bring in the current market. Also, learn more about our marketing plan. Call anytime to schedule this free consultation, and we will give you the information you need to determine whether listing your home is the right choice for you.

Pricing Consultation

Very similar to an appraisal, this impartial report will provide a professional estimate of your property’s market value in the current market.

Showing Notifications

You will be instantly notified when a buyer wants to view your home and will decide whether or not they see it.

Secure Access to Your Home

Our internet-connected lockbox will provide access to your home and will electronically record who showed your home and when.


We collect feedback on showings and instantly report the feedback to you.

We Stay in Contact with Interested Buyers

When a buyer shows interest in your home, we will keep them updated with the information they need to move forward with an offer.

Weekly Progress Reports

We will update you, at least, weekly on the progress of your home sale.

Offer Presentation

We will personally meet to discuss offers on your home, ensuring that information is presented clearly.

Multiple Offer Strategy

We have a strategy that drastically increases the odds you receive multiple offers on your home.

Electronic Signature Option

We can collect signatures via email with our electronic signature program. This is a huge time saver but never used at the cost of excellent communication.

Cancel Contract Anytime

You may cancel our listing any time before receiving an offer to purchase your home. No penalties, cancelation fees, no catches.

Monthly Marketing Meetings

We offer a monthly marketing meeting. During this meeting, we will review our current marketing strategy and discuss potential changes.

From Contract to Closing Guidance

After you accept an offer to purchase your property, there is still a lot that needs to be completed before closing. We will work with the buyer’s agent, title companies, mortgage companies, appraisers, inspectors, and anyone else who is involved in the transaction to ensure your property closes successfully.

Call us anytime at 636-296-0037 with questions or to schedule a free home selling consultation. We will make sure you have all of the information you need to determine whether listing your home is the right choice for you. Find out how much money you can net after your home is sold and what your property will bring in the current market.

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