Are real estate agents salespeople or business owners? If you are a real estate agent or interested in becoming an agent and you believe the latter keep reading, it could be the best move you’ve ever made for your business.

At ReDefined Real Estate we are committed to growing our company with real estate agents that share our passion for the industry, our clients and have the entrepreneur spirit required to have a rewarding and successful real estate career.

Building Your Business

ReDefined Real Estate is an innovative, energetic, agent and client focused company that is centered on the belief that real estate agents are best viewed as business owners, not as sales staff. Every real estate agent holds the titles of CEO, CFO, Head of Marketing, Director of Personnel, and many more. The agents at ReDefined Real Estate are empowered to grow their business in the way that best fits them, but are never alone in their pursuit of success. Our goal is not only to provide all of the assistance, support and training necessary for a successful career but also to provide the knowledge and direction needed to grow a flourishing business.

Because we see real estate agents as small business owners, we are excited to give our agents the most power and freedom over their business allowable by law. At ReDefined Real Estate our agents have full control over the way their business is marketed and the commission they charge. This gives our agents an amazing opportunity to differentiate themselves from other real estate agents. In addition, we never require phone or floor time and all of our office meetings, training sessions and office outings are completely optional.

85% / 15% Commission Splits and No Fees

ReDefined Real Estate is currently offering agents an 85% / 15% commission split, with absolutely no reoccurring fees whatsoever. Our agents pay NO monthly, yearly, desk, franchise or hidden fees at all. We also guarantee the fee structure will never increase once an agent joins our team. While ReDefined Real Estate agents keep more commission, we still provide the support, training, and services that every agent needs to be successful. More commission makes it easier for our agents to grow their business or to better enjoy life.

Control Over Marketing

ReDefined Real Estate agents have total control over how their business is marketed. We even have an in-house marketing department that assists our agents with creating marketing ideas and the creation of marketing materials.

Control Over the Commission You Charge

ReDefined Real Estate agents are given absolute power over the commission they charge clients. We do not set an office wide minimum or maximum commission and we do not require our agents to charge service fees.

The Ability to Differentiate

The real estate industry is an extremely competitive industry and many real estate agents struggle to differentiate themselves from the crowd of other real estate agents. The control we give agents gives them the unique power to stand out which leads to more success.

Building Your Success with Our Innovative Marketing

At ReDefined Real Estate, we have created and tested many unique and effective marketing materials including a full listing and buyer presentation, postcards, flyers and more. Our agents are free to use all of these materials to promote their business or to create new materials around their own ideas.

Training and Support

Real estate is always changing; therefore, training and education are imperative for a successful career in real estate. Not only are ReDefined Real Estate agents constantly made aware of the changes occurring around them but they also receive training opportunities in key real estate skill sets and business building. While training opportunities are abundant, they are always optional.

Every agent needs guidance from time to time; for ReDefined Real Estate agents assistance is never more than a phone call away. Whether receiving help from our remarkable office staff or our involved and knowledgeable broker, our agents are never without help.

Business and Marketing Consulting

We offer our agents one-on-one consulting sessions where we review and discuss business practices and offer personalized assistance with the creation and design of marketing materials.

Office and Location

ReDefined Real Estate agents have 24 hour access to a well-equipped and professionally staffed office, which is located in the heart of Arnold at 1712 Jeffco Blvd. This high traffic section of Jeffco Blvd. is halfway between Highway 141 and Richardson Rd., conveniently located near both of Arnold’s Highway 55 exits.

Office Staff

Our experienced, full-time, office staff is inviting, enthusiastic and professional. They are determined to provide the support our agents need and deserve. Clients of ReDefined Real Estate are always greeted with a very warm welcome and are treated like longtime friends as soon as they enter our office or call on the phone.

New Agent Training

We have an amazing training program for new agents, designed to get their career off to the right start by ensuring they close transactions quickly. We work with our new agents one-on-one throughout this structured and intense training program and are personally committed to their success. Our new agent training course covers lead generation as well as everything an agent needs to know to close real estate transactions.

Real Estate Yard Signs

We provide real estate yard signs for every listing an agent has.

Errors and Omission Insurance

We provide errors and omission insurance to all of our agents at no additional charge.


If you are a licensed real estate agent and are considering the switch to a company that provides high commission splits, no fees, the support you need and the freedom to run your business your way, ReDefined Real Estate could be for you. At ReDefined Real Estate you will have full control over the commission you charge and full control over your marketing.

You will never pay monthly or yearly fees and our agents receive 24 hour access to our Jeffco Blvd. office, full time office staff support, signage, a personal website, E&O insurance coverage and more. While we offer optional, educational and motivational meeting opportunities your attendance would not be required, also no mandated floor time.

Find out if you’re paying your broker too much for too little, call us anytime at 636-296-0037 for more information and be assured our conversation will be kept completely confidential.

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